CEO Consulting and Support

Corporate Finance
Organizational restructuring

Identify and negotiate with commercial and investment bankers, mezzanine lenders, private investors, venture capitalists and private equity firms from inception to closing to secure financing for

  • Working capital
  • Equipment
  • Improvements
  • Acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Organic growth
  • Recapitalizations
  • Owner liquidity events

Review financial covenant and reporting requirements to ensure compliance and timely reporting to lenders and investors

  • Develop an action plan to deal with any covenant violations on a proactive basis to maintain good relations with lenders and investors

The need for periodic organizational restructuring affects every department within growing companies from the executive suite to HR to IT to finance to sales and operations. Quantum Partners works with CEO’s to identify key organizational issues, develop solutions, plans of implementation and the execution of those plans.

Successful CEO’s recognize that as their companies’ revenue and number of employees grow the organizational structure must change to make certain the growth is manageable and financial and other goals are achieved. Too often CEO’s reward loyal employees who have been with the company since inception with more responsibility, authority and compensation without regard to their qualifications.

In many cases this approach results in failure because the chosen employees simply do not have the skill sets and experience to accomplish the objectives and goals given to them. A classic example is in finance. The bookkeeper who started with the company as the only finance person gradually assumes more responsibility and authority over time until the point where a controller is needed. Unless the bookkeeper has the requisite education, experience and certifications it’s highly unlikely he or she is qualified to be the Controller. At this point the CEO needs to recognize this and begin the search for a qualified candidate rather than simply give the title to the former bookkeeper.

Quantum Partners helps CEO’s make the decisions that are best for their companies’ long-term success.

Quantum Partners helps CEO’s evaluate a potential acquisition’s organizational structure and cultural identity during the due diligence phase, and with the development and implementation of a comprehensive integration plan. Typical considerations include organizational similarities and differences, management styles, economies of scale, gaps in or additions to existing capabilities, talent evaluation and how well the two groups of employees will work together post-merger.

Post-acquisition we assist with the consolidation and integration of specific departments such as HR, finance, IT, sales and operations to make certain the combined entity is positioned for rapid growth operating as cost effectively as possible.

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